Concise RSS Weather Feeds sourced from the Australian Bureau of Metorology

Weather data is sourced directly from the BoM and reformatted as an RSS feed suitable for displaying on very small screen devices, such as the Gigaset C610 IP telephone handset (configuration details).


The feeds are limited to Australian states for which the BoM provides XML data.

List of locations supported

Feeds will use content negotiation to return the preferred format - XML, RSS, Atom or Json. You can override negotiation by specifying a parameter in the query string eg. ?atom=true or ?json=true

Further information

This service is provided by David Gardiner. It is currently hosted on a free Windows Azure website, so should it become wildly popular there is a chance access could be limited.

Feel free to contact me via my blog or email if you have any questions or feedback.


Forecast data is produced by the Australian Bureau of Metorology and (c) Commonwealth of Australia

Information is used by permission of the Bureau.